Art Through the Eyes of Three

Waking up in the morning can be exciting if you like taking pictures. For Mitchel Hoge, he starts his day by waking up an hour before sunrise. This gives him time to get ready, eat a healthy breakfast and grab a cup of coffee. Then he jumps in his car for a ride. “I like to imagine exactly what pictures I will be taking while I am driving.” Hoge drives to a close nature center to take pictures of one of his favorite times of the day. By the time he gets to the nature center, it is just enough time to see the sunrise and see it a few hours after to take pictures both times.

Hiking along and stopping to take pictures of what is good lighting to him and beautiful scenery is how he captures images to eventually post on his favorite social media site, Instagram. I did say Instagram. It is not just for teenage girls to get likes on their latest picture of the coffee they got at Starbucks. Instagram is a way to get his work out to people to see over the world, he wants to share and also see other individual’s photos as well. He spends a good portion of the day, finding the correct filter for his picture before posting it and his followers to see. “It is interesting to see all the different images on the popular page of Instagram; it gives me ideas and inspiration to continue taking pictures.”

perspective- mitch Hoge took this image recently and posted in on Instagram. This image to him represents finding the correct direction in life and imagining it through all different views. His name on Instagram is: (IAM_MITCH_) and has posted many more pictures that can be viewed.

It is not all about the sunrise picture though; he goes about through the day and waits an hour before sunset to capture the perfect picture to him.”The sunset is beautiful and I love to take pictures during that time of the day, it is a beautiful thing to see and be apart of.” Nature is a big part of photography for Hoge; nature is what is used for him when he takes his pictures. He wants to make the community a better place by sharing his images. The site: Michipreneur, talks about the ways that art helps the world through pure motivation and a way to express emotion, coming from nature and being a part of wanting to make the world a better place.

According to the health and education center, all kinds of art is a form of meditation, you feel less stress for a moment of time and is used as a form of therapy. Hoge indicates that taking pictures is a stress reliever, he takes pictures for hours to get all his life problems off of his mind. “At times I will spend hours only taking a few pictures, it is a way for me to concentrate and stay focused on only taking the pictures and making them unique.”

Hoge has wanted a camera for about 6 years but didn’t think he would have the time to take the pictures or the money to buy the camera. He has always loved taking pictures, but it wasn’t until buying a camera that he found out what he wanted his major to be in college. He decided to minor in photography after finding out how much fun he had. Taking pictures with the older Kodak cameras is a memory that he has as a child. Hoge says that if it wasn’t for his parents, he doesn’t think he would like taking pictures as much as he does. His parents were always taking pictures of him and he would like to jump out and take pictures of his parents as well, which he still does now.

The website Michipreneur connects art to self-awareness and the ability to see art in different ways, makes a person understand the piece of art in all different kinds of ways depending on the person. Hoge indicates photography as art because two people can take a picture, but it depends on the perspective of the people of what it means to them. He would much rather be behind taking the camera than to be in the picture. “I get a thrill of taking a picture of a beautiful person in a special place.” To him art is all about perspective, you can take a picture of a good or bad situation: when you see it, it can make you understand the situation more than just hearing about it. Hoge indicates, “Taking a picture is art because it is a story and can mean so much to a person.” He suggests that art needs to continue being in schools because it lets people use their creativity, allows people to come up with answers themselves rather than being scared to answer the questions alone in class.

Hoge is not the only person who seeks art. Jordin Alanis has chosen to do art because it is her way of expressing herself and to show others how she sees the world. In Michipreneur, it shares that art is a way of communication, using the person’s logic and reason to share creativity and get the message in the world. Alanis personally uses art to communicate through others and get the message out that way. Without art, Alanis says her life would be boring. It helps her escape from her busy life; it’s a distraction and a stress reliever for her. She wakes up in the morning, dresses in her stylish clothing, grabs her schoolwork and note pad and goes to her favorite coffee shops around town. She gets a cup of coffee, relaxes by putting in her head phones and draws for hours. Alanis posts her art onto social media websites such as Instagram to show others what she does and to get ideas from other artists.

The image below is done by Jordin Alanis, it is inspired by the show Breaking Bad and is a drawing of Walter White. There are many more images that she has posted on her Instagram, (jordinalanis).

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

“Drawing is art because art can be anything in the world. I think art is something that is very detailed and shows that you put a lot of time and effort into it.” Alanis spends hours and hours doing art, from drawing to clay pieces. Going to school for Bachelors in science and art, she is a hard working student. “I am a very busy person, going to school and having two jobs but I always make time for my art.” Alanis has always had a close relationship to art and loves teaching children the special impact it has in live. She is teaching classes for a part time job and it means a lot to her. “I get a thrill from teaching a student something in art and seeing them accomplish it overtime, it is a beautiful thing.”

Alanis believes art is needed in schools because students should have a different perspective on life. She thinks art offers the quality of being different all over the world, and people seeing a different perspective on it depending on where individuals live. She expresses math as having similar qualities, “by going and grabbing the paint brush you are solving your problems.” Alanis says that art has changed her life in many ways; it gives her a different outlook on life and any everyday task. She indicates that art is important because you address yourself in it every day,” I am building my own bill board as I walk through life and share my pieces of art.” The huffingtonpost, shares that art tells stories and it can help us make a sense of the world, imagining and being creative through connecting us to our own stories. Alanis does art to show a story or something going on in her world. It is a way for her to express all of her emotions.  

Hoge and Alanis also share the strategy of art with another person. Mundo Lazcano started doing pottery in middle school and continued through high school. He is in the Air Guard and balancing that world with his free time when he comes home. He is a regular kid, who spends time with his girlfriend and plays Xbox with his buddies on his free time. Now being out of high school, he does pottery in his free time. “It can be hard at times trying to find time to do pottery, I try to make time to relax and get my hands on clay.”

To get his art out in the world, he posts images on Instagram, to get the newest pottery piece he has done, shown in the world. “I have only posted two images of my work but I plan on posting more when I get more time to do another piece.” Lazcano believes that you can get an insight from so many people through art. He can relate to sharing images on Instagram and getting ideas from other individual’s pottery. Michipreneur also relates in sharing ideas about how a gap can be separated in art through sharing ideas, stating that gives us a better understanding and communication strategy in life.

pottery mundo

Lazcano uses pottery to express things that he cannot put into words. “I had a hard time finding something to relieve my stress for a while, I remembered that I haven’t done pottery in a long time and it instantly changed my mind set.” He believes that art needs to continue being in schools because it shows how to express themselves and that it is OK to be different from the next student. Lazcano adds that at a young age, it shows kids not to follow others and to be your own person. “I had trouble at a young age expressing myself, but art taught me how to share my creativity in a different way and to accept that it won’t always be perfect, just how life can be.”

Both of these pieces of pottery are done by Mundo Lazcano. They are both favorites that Lazcano wanted to share. His Instagram name is (munlaz).

mundo pottery 2


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