The Crystal People `

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Alyssa Christopherson

Every morning when Alyssa Christopherson wakes up, she brushes her caramel blonde hair that reaches down to her mid-back, and walks over to her altar. She brushes her fingers along the array of different colored and different shaped crystals and focuses her mind on the energy she is feeling. She picks out a few with the strongest energy, her favorites for the day, puts them in her travel box and continues on with the course of her day. Alyssa, pictured to the left, (courtesy of Alyssa herself) is a Crystal Person.

When I say crystals I don’t mean rings or expensive forks. I mean chunks of crystal in its natural form. They look like little rocks that sparkle in the sun. If held at the right angle, rainbows, stars, or natural geometric figures can be seen within the stones. They come in different shapes and sizes, while most prefer the natural state of clusters, wands, sticks, spheres, and jewelry are also commonly seen within the crystal community.

Using crystals to induce healing mentally and physically, has been a practice since the Native Americans. Although use of crystals to harness energy lost its popularity for years, there has recently been a boom within the crystal community and those who believe in these powers. According to “Stone-Cold facts about Gemstone Treatments,” it has not been considered alternative medicine since licensed doctors and physicians do not believe in the power of these crystals. This does not deviate from the fact that at many health spas and New Age clinics, crystals are constantly being used to harness frequencies and energy that can be used to help heal the patients.

Alyssa claims that she will never stop using her crystals, that she doesn’t give a second thought to how people view her because of this particular community she is a part of. They call her a “dirty hippy,” make fun of her and tell her to “go play with some more rocks.” She is aware that many view her as a delusional weirdo who smokes far too much pot, and has dropped acid one to many times. She throws back her long blonde locks, and laughs at every single one of these stereotypes. Drop acid? Her response, “This isn’t the 1960’s anymore. You can believe in something without being on drugs.”

Many people believe that those who use crystals are only attracted to their physical appearance: they’re pretty and make cool colors in the sun. But many of them don’t fully understand the actual helpful qualities that they are thought to offer. In the article “Crystal Well-Being: Introduction to Crystal Healing,” explanations are given. Each different crystal actually hold differences and uniqueness in their internal structure and these differences are what give off different frequencies. Frequencies resulting in energy that can be harnessed and used to help heal certain imbalances of the human body. It is about healing and centering yourself. Not (only) about colors.

A man named Benjamin Dean wrote an article called “How do Healing Crystals Work.” In this article he goes into great detail about the actual mechanics and thought process about the work these crystals do. He starts by explaining how when healing the body and the self, it is not just meant as the physical body. What they are talking about here is the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual body. The components that make up our bodies, Dean believes, are nothing more but energy working together in balance to make up who we are. When they are in perfect balance, our health is radiant. When life hits us hard, we become sick, we become angry, sad, hateful, and mean. We become imbalanced and this is inevitable. We try and pick up the shattered pieces, and sometimes this is a difficult task. There are numerous ways to try to cope and heal, but the use of crystals is an all-natural solution. It may seem odd or not make sense to many, but the key is to be receptive towards it. Being open and willing to try it will make all the difference. Crystals are believed to radiate pure balance. They have “unmatched power of consistency.” They are Mother Nature’s gift to us, her medicine. Their structure, balance, wavelength and frequencies are the perfect thing to bring us back into a balanced state of being. Dean believes in all of this, and he believes that crystals are actual living beings in this world. They are the purest of creatures, they are the most powerful.

Alyssa uses crystals to help her personally, not because they sparkle in the sun. She is a girl with debilitating anxiety. She explains, “Sometimes I just get anxious. I get nervous and start to feel physically sick. When I get like this I tend to drastically over think the world around me until I have successfully thought myself into a state of depression.” Then, she says that she stresses out and wonders too deeply into why she does this. “I think, like, what’s wrong with me? Why do I do this to myself? A normal person doesn’t think themselves into depression. I wanted to, and figured out how to fix that for myself.” These crystals alleviate this anxiety and this stress. “My crystals take my mind away from the overthinking. They help me center myself and my mind into a state of positivity. When I use my crystals I know I will ultimately be happy.” Sure, these issues will always exist. But the crystals help her center herself and help her believe and know that things will be ok. That she will be ok.

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Alyssas most treasured crystals.

Specifically, Alyssa takes a peak interest in a particular few of her crystals. She says that her favorite crystals are the amethyst, Smokey quartz, and the rose quartz. The amethyst is one of Alyssa’s favorite, because she says that it is an all-over purifier. “My favorite crystal is my amethyst cluster. It keeps me protected from negative energy and purified in the most realistic sense. I zero in on the purple colors, shifting from shade to shade with the flow of the crystal, and I can feel the energy and the frequency it is offering to me. It’s amazing.” These frequencies work with her own and the interaction is what results in the purification. According to “Crystals for Beginners” the amethyst is the most universal crystal within the community. It states that the crystal is calming and relaxing, it increases imagination, inspiration, and creativity. Physically, it helps alleviate headaches, and helps with problems of addiction. Pictured to the right are just a few of Alyssas favorite crystals, courtesy of Alyssa Christopherson.

Crystals come in many different shapes, sizes, colors, and forms. Alyssa explained that the most common forms are clusters, spheres, and wands. Crystal clusters are the ones that look like rocks. They are crystals in their natural form, no chipping or shaping involved, simply the discovery and use of its natural being. Spheres look like a psychic’s crystal ball. Perfectly round balls of stone, they are beautiful in the light sitting next to a windowsill on a balanced, sunny day. The light shining through the sphere can create its own unique geometric shapes such as numerous pointed stars, perfect squares and perfect triangles. The shapes, Alyssa demonstrated, change with each different angle it is held at. Wands are long pieces usually made from clear crystals that have been shaped into curved elongated sticks. People use these to hold over aching body parts and at the temples to alleviate headaches. They are fun to look for different colors emerging when held at different angles. Rainbows are rare to find in crystals, but they do exist. Alyssa says that a wand with a rainbow within it means it holds great power and therefore value within the community. Alyssa was lucky enough to be gifted a Selenite wand (the most common kind of wand) and while searching for different colors, found a rainbow. “When I found that rainbow, I got so happy. Rainbows are a rare find, I know that crystal found me for a reason.”


Crystal grid made outside courtesy of Alyssa

Alyssa has a massive collection. “My crystals are tumbling over each other on my altar, I am hardly able to find the same one twice. I could probably fill a medium sized suitcase with all of them.” So instead of lugging this suitcase around with her, she has what is called a travel box. The travel box is typically a little hand-carved wooden box, with a cloth-soft interior for comfort. In the morning when she wakes up, she feels for the ones with the strongest energy and frequencies and places them in the travel box to keep her centered and balanced throughout the day, especially at school. When she gets home from school she takes the crystals out of the travel box and places them on the windowsill to recharge from the sun. She then picks out around 15 of the next strongest crystals and goes to her crystal grid. A crystal grid can a slab of wood with a geometric figure, typically a largely pointed star printed on it, or it can simply be placing the crystals in circles and formations on the ground. This kind of grid can be seen in the picture to the left, courtesy of Alyssa Christopherson, a recent crystal grid she created on the moist ground of a sunny spring day.  When she uses the crystal grid she sets a crystal at each of the points, the strongest residing in the middle. This practice helps her center herself and bring balance to her body after a long, stressful day of school. Continuing on with her day she ends it my meditating for typically 20 minutes, longer if it’s been a bad day. She meditates with her amethyst sphere and sits in complete silence and lets balance and contentment overcome her. “Meditating is my favorite thing to do. To be able to sit so silently and so still, I can feel the days stress and imbalances lift from the space around me. It’s the most liberating feeling and the long term effects are amazing. You almost feel lighter. You feel happier and more focused. I suggest everyone, even if they aren’t necessarily a part of the crystal community, try meditating for a period of time. Try it and you won’t regret it.”

When she finally gets ready to fall asleep she crawls into her bed with her altar set up right next to her. Her altar consists of different stands for her crystals. She describes it as “A beautifully placed corner of peace.” Setting up altars is a huge pastime of crystal people. It is their expression of feelings and a display of the importance the crystals hold to them.

No matter how strange people view this practice, it helps her. It has changed the way she views the world and it has changed her as a whole. Knowing her personally before and after the crystal use began, I can personally say that I have seen an improvement in her happiness. The crystals may work, they may not. But the truth is that they help people.These people who have used these crystals have formed bonds and friendships with others in the community. When people feel connected and a part of something they feel happy, and maybe that is what this is all about.


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